Empower Memphis is a 501c(3) registered non-profit which provides day camps for the youth of Memphis, Tennessee and the surrounding areas. Summer programs will have a form of enrichment to combat the "summer slide" often found in lesser communities. After attending our kick-off camp, we also provide contacts to other low-cost and affordable camps for the children to attend throughout the summer, and we will join once again in August to kick off the new year school year! 

Our Goal

The goal of Empower Memphis is to provide day camps in duration of 1-5 days for the youth of Memphis, especially for those in lesser communities. By attending these camps, the children will build their social, leadership, and problem solving skills while learning the importance of being part of a community. Because we want people from all socioeconomic classes to attend, we believe that it is important to make it affordable for everyone. In making it affordable to everyone, we realize that the price of attendance will not cover all costs needed to run the camp. We hope you will consider our goal in making your decision in helping to support our camp.


Our Vision

We hope to provide a safe space for youth to do during breaks from school. We hope they not only have a fun time at our camps, but can enjoy the opportunity to meet others from different communities they would not have otherwise known. 

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